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  • Scientific name: Homo sapiens
  • Epoch: 350 kya to Anthropocene
  • Conservation status: Least concern
  • Cause of decline: None as of right now
  • Fun fact: A baby has been born on all continents, including Antarctica!

Additional source: Wikipedia

Image source: Terabass

The final chapter of the book features us. Each and every cameo creature up until this point has either gone extinct or is threatened in some way by extinction. And I do not think that humans are any different. While yes the IUCN Redlist does classify the conservation status of humans to be “least concern,” I would say that after taking the current trajectory into account, it would be very reasonable to consider humans under the threatened by extinction category. And quite possibly every living creature for that matter.

The power is ours and ours alone to stop the impending collision course with the remainder of this sixth extinction. There is a saying “Life finds a way” perhaps originating or at least made famous by the movie Jurassic Park, and I believe it to be true. Whatever the future holds, I do not believe it will be the end of all living things. I do believe that the world will look dramatically different (as it already does as this book has striven to show) and that humans may or may not be in the picture. That is the final lesson about extinction that Kolbert seeks to convey: that the rest of the story has yet to be written and we hold the pen. Will we write ourselves and countless others out of the plot? We decide.

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